No matter the occasion— wedding, birthday,

anniversary, baby shower or just because —

a beautiful cake will transform any celebration

into an unforgettable event.

The combinations of fillings and flavors we use are limited only by your imagination. Below, you can browse the classic fresh ingredients from our kitchen, or book in a cake consult and tasting with one of our experienced team who can inspire to create the cake and flavors that are uniquely you! 


Our Classics showcase how our ingredients merge to create the most delicious cakes that you have ever tasted, while being able to cater to a range of dietary requirements and restrictions. 

At Deckerdence Bake Shop we specialise in unforgettable cakes, both in look and taste!


From hand crafted sugar paste flowers made to match any colour scheme to life size sculpted edible master pieces anything is possible in the world of cakes at Deckerdence Bake Shop! 


*Vanille Sponge                           *Chocolate sponge  

*Red Velvet                                  *Chocolate/White Chocolate Mud

*Caramel delight                         *Carrot Cake 

*Strawberry                                *Lemon 

*Marble                                        *Funfetti 

*Cookies and Cream                

*Rainbow Cake                           

Fillings & Frostings

* Chocolate buttercream           *Orange frosting 

*Vanilla buttercream                 *Blueberry Compote                   *Strawberry  Compote               *Coffee frosting                    *Raspberry Compote                  *Mint frosting 

 *Cream cheese icing                  *Lemon filling                              

*Chocolate ganache 

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